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Die cut boxes

Intended for industries with the packaging on automatic assembly lines. This kind of packaging has to be characterized by very high accuracy because on the automatic assembly lines
improvisations and adaptations aren’t possible. We are proud of the fact that, exactly in that area, we reached the very peak in cartonnage. Packing in our die cut boxes is completely carefree and easy because the tools and machines we use in our plants ensure high-quality design even of the most demanding forms. With the tools, we can also open barcode sections, test buttons, a visual approach to design, marketing teasers, and QR codes. The electronification of handling and controlling the information on products in warehouses and sales has ever-growing demands and
we always find an adequate answer to all of them. Usage is almost infinite in all industries, from the food industry to the toy industry. Huge serial productions can’t be imagined without using die cut cardboard boxes and assisting elements made of cardboard.