Regional leader in the production of cardboard packaging


Technology and people

There is almost no cardboard product that we would not be able to produce in our plant lines and for very competent prices and
in the shortest time possible. That was enabled by the modern installed technology. Experts and operators are, however, an equally important reason for our great self-confidence.

Creative, efficient, and dedicated to their tasks and client satisfaction, our teams are the most vital part of great production success.

rvm product

American boxes

A legendary box with the famous name ‘American’ is the most often used product packaging worldwide

rvm product

Cardboard dividers

Distancers, skirting boards, dividers, and assisting elements in packing

rvm product


Extremely strong, easy to assemble, and reciprocally blending, useful in all industry branches

rvm product

Die cut boxes

The modern industry with package delivery exclusively demands these boxes

Quality guarantees satisfaction

Survival on the market of products intended for wide use and consumption is possible exclusively for those who constantly re-
examine conditions of that market and reasons for their client’s satisfaction. For over two decades, we have invested in
equipment, people, facilities, education, vehicles, and infrastructure, and all that with a single goal – to ensure the
satisfaction of our clients.

Our experience tells us that satisfaction depends on the most on the quality of packaging we make. Because of that, quality is our primary business preference.

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