Regional leader in the production of cardboard packaging

rvm product


In the world of packages, almost a revolutionary product which gradually replaces traditional wooden crates. Made of cardboard, that is corrugated cardboard, the crate lasts far longer than
the traditional one, endures liquids better and retains characteristics of a packed product, and with some models it came out as cheaper package. What is especially important for cardboard
crates is shape that makes easy sorting and modularity possible which is enabled by high precision in terms of dimensions.
By stacking one on top of another, a great product height of packed product can be achieved and with great firmness and stability of pallet without the possibility to skid off in transport or falling into carrier holes. On places where products are displayed, it is not necessary to remove them from the crate because they are exactly for that purpose. Because of all this, the cardboard crate is especially desireable packaging for fruit and vegetables, and overall for food industry. Emphasized firmness makes is extremely suitable in metal industry as well, such as producing tools, car parts and other heavy items which need to retain shape and surface while storing or transport.