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The majority of basic meanings of the word cardboard box are found right among the properties of this box. Made of corrugated cardboard in a standard cuboid shape, it is used for almost
everything where storage and transport packaging is needed. It is easily assembled in a single step without the need for additional gluing. It is the most often sealed and secured additionally
by adhesive tapes, but it is possible to seal it without assisting tapes only by assembling movable sides by the axial axis in a cross pattern. It preserves the sensitive nature of the product by making possible what the majority of manufacturers demand – a dry and dark place without drastic temperature changes. The fact that it also keeps high package flexibility to impact and
pressure during transport and handling is especially important. It the manufacture process, special openings on the box can be foreseen because of the visual availability of design or important product information, and then perforations for holding, or those intended for exposing shelf merchandise without leaving transport packaging.