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All production lines in a new hall

We have finally managed to move all our production capacities to a new location in the industrial zone of the so-called sport airport, right next to the north detour around Kraljevo. A hall,
completely reconstructed for our specific purposes, is located at the very entry into the industrial zone, next to the detour’s roundabout, where the complex of the electro-thermal products factory Magnohrom used to be. A few thousand square meters under a roof, with a complete and modern infrastructure, finally gives us the possibility to fit our production lines in organized systematic units in order to completely optimize the engagement of equipment and people and to ensure that processed materials, as well as, final products are always stored in optimal conditions while preserving characteristics of high-quality materials which we use.

Temperature and moisture, as the first pre-condition for the highest design and print of our products, are almost ideal in the hall adapted according to the latest technological and the strictest standards of contemporary building. Except for the fact that we achieved almost ideal conditions for making, handling, and storing products, we are particularly proud of working conditions which our employees and operators of this modern technology will have from now on. Modern and well-equipped canteen/dining room 2 and locker rooms and hygiene rooms got an increased significance especially in time of the COVID19 pandemic which is not stopping, so we adapted some areas but also enabled extended standard health protection at work and prevented the virus from spreading among employees and clients.

From now on, we are sure that it will be a lot easier for our clients and suppliers/procurers 3 to find us. It is enough to copy this location 4 to their devices and navigation cannot be any easier. We made the dream of every driver, who delivered material or received final goods, come true and we provided more than enough space for the biggest cargo-carrying vehicles to enter, park, and maneuver the with very comfortable
access points for loading and unloading. Welcome!