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Achieved FSC standards

From now on, all our partners and clients will be able to count on products that completely meet highly prestigious production FSC standards. Strict conditions were stipulated by the world’s
highly acknowledged Forest Stewardship Council (Forest Stewardship Council) 1  and they guarantee responsible use and treatment of raw material in the production of paper and
cardboard. The basic intention of the Council itself, but of all of us who follow these adopted standards as well, is to promote and, as much as possible, to contribute to the preservation of the environment, as well as to ensure socially responsible and economically sustainable usage of the resources from world’s forests that have been highly endangered for the last couple of decades.

In accordance to that, we oblige to use processed materials for which we can safely say that it is
made and used in a way that:

  1. Contributes to global responsibility while using nature’s resources
  2. Provides equal access to production resources
  3. Ensures integrity, credibility, and transparency while applying the FSC system
  4. Opens the market for FSC certified products
  5. Supports the international network of people, organizations, and companies determined to
    follow these standards

In that way, while producing our cardboard packaging we obliged to the strictest business terms in order to have the least negative impact on nature’s processes, and contribute to the battle
against global warming, and, therefore, to the preservation of the environment.

Our partners and buyers of our boxes and other cardboard boxes literally have an infinite world’s market if their goods are packed in our packaging.